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  • Infants: Ducklings

  • One Year Olds: Bumblebees

  • Two Year Ods: Catepillars & Butterflies

  • Three Year Olds: Eagles

  • Four Year Olds: Lions

  • VPK

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Why You Should Consider GHA!

+Owner Involvement

+Accredited Program

+Highly Trained Teachers

+Nuturing Enviornment

+Age Appropriate Classrooms


+Safety & Security

+Innovative Technology




Greater Horizons Academy uses a Creative Curriculum, Teaching Strategies has believed that the best and most powerful way to improve child outcomes is through effective teaching. And that’s why Teaching Strategies created forward-thinking, comprehensive, research-based and research-proven curriculum resources. These help preschool teachers and infants, toddlers and twos caregivers to be their most effective, while still honoring their creativity and respecting their critical role in making learning exciting and relevant for every child.


Teaching Strategies supportive curriculum solutions is being used by Greater Horizons Academy, helping our teachers to offer developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas.

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